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The Sting of the Bee
By K.E. Lanning


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Catastrophic global warming has melted the polar ice caps and John Barrous will stop at nothing to stake his claim on the rich, virgin continent of Antarctica.

After the murder of his wife, John escapes urban strife for the quiet life of farming. He and his fifteen-year-old daughter join in a United Nations PR event, an Oklahoma-style land rush, which turns into a deadly race against ruthless, armed competitors . . . and a corrupt politician wanting control of this new continent. 

"Exhilarating fun, audacious in concept and convincing in execution." - Jim Thomsen

"Off-beat global warming sci-fi...(with) sure pacing and sympathetic protagonists." – Kirkus Reviews



            The thin, crisp air stung John’s throat, and he squinted in the bright sun at the odd assemblage of humanity and vehicles sprawled around him. The Great Antarctic Land Rush banner hung between the temporary metal frame, the sides lined with crisp rows of UN flags. News crews from across the globe staked out the territory beyond the starting gate, aiming their cameras toward the homesteaders to capture the onset of the race.

            Everywhere, people waited; they played cards, talked, anything to pass the time. A group of miners from Antarctica huddled together, casting dubious looks at the invading cast of characters. He recognized a couple of competitors from the ship; the young Japanese man with an acne-scarred face and the tall, middle-aged Nigerian sporting a leather jacket.

            Misfits from around the world, willing to fight for a new life. Faces around him had a hungry look as they sized up the competition. They had waited a lifetime for this chance, and no one wanted to be too friendly with someone they might wind up killing later in the day.